Careers at MASSAGE MN; Our philosophies and promises                     


            One of the critical differences between Massage MN and its competitors is the relationship we form with our team members. As a company rooted in servant-leadership, it is our goal to help those who work with us to “find their voice.” By finding their voice, we mean; to help others accomplish their goals within the massage therapy industry. To achieve this, we offer these promises; 

                                                                                                                                       We will work with our team members individually to develop their unique business plan, based on self-vision(s) and personal aspirations within the massage therapy industry. Further, we will aid in the creation of individual business strategies designed to empower our team members to realize their objectives.    


II. We will serve, as both mentors and coaches, in assisting each team member in developing their professional massage practice. To accomplish our mutual objective, we will offer one-to-one meetings, outside networking opportunities, assistance with digital marketing campaigns, and furtherance of individual business intelligence.


III. We will provide the necessary underlying tools needed for the successful development of a sustainable massage therapy practice. These services will include online scheduling, linen service, advertising, and other massage-related business essentials.    

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Finally, We will foster a collaborative environment, focused on shared-values inside of our company, externally in our community, and  the massage industry. Shared-value begins with a culture that welcomes adversity, creativity, empathy, knowledge, compassion, and fairness, along with ethical business practice. These values are the bedrock of Massage MN.       


For information about how to join our team; contact:                  

Frank Herrmann           

"Massage therapy creates a unique mind and body connection, over time, the conection of mind and body creates holistic wellness"

Frank Herrmann 



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