In 2012, 'Frank Herrmann Bodyworks, Inc.' began as an independent massage therapy practice, the focus of which was to offer high-quality care to individuals seeking relief from muscle pain and movement restrictions.


Today, Frank Herrmann is an orthopedic massage therapist and the owner of Massage MN. Frank has an Associates of Applied Science degree in Massage Therapy from Northwestern Health Sciences University, and a Bachelors degree from Concordia University with a focus on kinesiology and exercise science. Frank is certified in neuromuscular therapy by the Neuromuscular Therapy Center of St. Petersburg, FL. He received his orthopedic massage certification from The Center for Pain Management in Richland Hills, Texas.


In 2018, Frank completed his Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree; his MBA studies were concentrated on healthcare management. The subject of his masters' thesis focused on client access issues to care when utilizing integrative medicine, with an emphasis on the field of massage therapy.


"I've created Massage MN to address certain economic barriers concerning health care access and availability within the field of Integrative Medicine. While researching my masters' thesis, I discovered that a significant portion of the local community is unable to enjoy the benefits of massage therapy due to the high cost associated with regular treatments or because of a reluctance to commit to monthly membership programs.


My goal with Massage MN is to offer the level of quality found in the independent massage therapy marketplace at pricing typical to massage-chain memberships, without the monthly commitment."


"Our mission at Massage MN is straight-forward and simple; Provide high-quality massage therapy to our clients, be of service within our communities, and impact our industry positively and sustainably." 



"Massage therapy creates a unique mind and body connection, over time, the conection of mind and body creates holistic wellness"

Frank Herrmann 



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